Brother 32A (post June 2002)


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A-4012-0908 | Machine Tool Probes| Machine Tool Software | Brother 32A (post June 2002) | Renishaw

The Brother 32A #A-4012-0908 is Inspection Plus Software for Machining Centers. It has a memory of 35K/87M

Inspection plus software for machining centers is a totally integrated package of software that includes vector and angle measure options, print options (where this control option is available) and an extended range of cycles. Includes an SPC cycle, 1 or 2 touch probing option, tool offset compensation by percentage of error and output data stored in an accessible variable stack.

Available measurement cycles include:

  • X or Y or Z single surface measure
  • Any angle web/pocket
  • 3 or 4 point bore/boss
  • Internal/external corner
  • 4th or 5th axis measure
  • Feature to feature measure
  • Print data via RS232

Renishaw probing and tool setting software is a set of macros that control probing motion and data manipulation for a number of routines with input of a few parameters. Some capabilities may vary by specific software package and individual controller. All software is supplied on CD-ROM with electronic user’s guide.