(A-5036-0005) ACR3 4-Port Rack


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CMM |Coordinate Measuring Machine probes| ACR3 4-port rack | ACR3 | Renishaw

This is the ACR3 4-Port Rack #A-5036-0005.

The ACR3 forms part of the modular rack system (MRS) and is an autochange rack for probes and extension bars that incorporate the Renishaw autojoint. The ACR3 is a four-port mechanical design that traverses the MRS rail. Driven by the motion of the CMM, it locks and unlocks the autojoint between the probe and the probe head.

Note: For 8-port applications, two 4-port racks can be connected together. The 8-port configuration requires the use of either the MRS kit 2 or MRS kit 3 (see below).

  • Passive 4-port probe and extension bar changing system
  • Enables rapid interchange of autojointed products without the need for probe requalification
  • Fits onto modular rack system (MRS) Can be configured to provide 8 ports
  • Provides covered storage and protection for probes and extension bars
  • Uses motion of CMM to lock / unlock the autojoint
  • No need for rack motors or electrical interface with CMM controller
  • MRS rails available in 400 mm / 600 mm / 1000 mm (15.8 in / 23.6 in / 39.4 in) lengths to suit changer requirements Integration with metrology software is required
  • Modular design enables individual port replacement in the event of excessive wear
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