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Renishaw A-2237-1601 AC3 interface card


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A-2237-1601 | AC3 Interface Card | AC3 | Renishaw

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This is the AC3 interface card #A-2237-1601. It is specifically designed for use with SP25M.

  • 16-bit IBM ISA bus plug-in PC card with two external connectors capable of giving better than 0.1 μm resolution
  • Simple to install and connects directly to a standard Renishaw multiwire probe signal cable
  • Performs probe management functions
  • Communicates status information to the host PC
  • Converts each of the SP25M analogue probe axis outputs into 2’s complement binary numbers accessible to the PC
  • Optically isolated PICS (Renishaw’s probe interconnection system) interface
  • Reading synchronisation using the PICS interface or software commands
  • Probe power removal using PICS
  • Full ISA bus address decoding
  • Optional 16-bit data transfers via the additional ISA 36-way connector
  • Interrupts generated on receipt of PICS or software AQUIRE command
  • The AC3 contains a number of registers that are accessible to software using I/O commands
  • ΔT controller compatibility is achieved by the use of option switches
  • AC3 also has its own board identification, which it presents to software
  • SP25M and AC3 have been designed with a probe identification resistance of 9.375 kΩ